Monday, September 18, 2006

Family Fun in Saskatchewan

To surprise my mom and celebrate her 60th birthday (YES I'm young enough to have a mother who's only 60), my family met up in the thriving metropolis of Kerrobert, Saskatchewan... population 1100 (mostly my relatives).
My mom, along with the rest of my family, was born in this little town, but my siblings and I went to school in the neighboring, rival (smaller but tougher) town of Luseland. You can view more of this fine town on Each time I return, everything appears to have shrunk!

Aside from agriculture, there is still a lot of oil and gas production to keep the economy going. My sister's family are organic farmers which appears to be a profitable, but risky, business! Those are their boys in the peas - last year's crop! I didn't make it out to our family farm due to the muddy roads, but it was great to see my aunts, uncles, and cousins in town.

My sister put on a good spread while her husband produced the tunes and kept us entertained... featuring a variety of other 'unique' musical talents. The kids (they pump them out like rabbits there) were also amusing.
Take a look at these little rascals. Aren't they sweet!

The party was at Aunt Linda's place, where my Grandma used to have an apartment. We had spent Christmas there several years ago when Grandma was still around to oversee everything. It brought back some great memories. That, and the turkey that tasted oh so good. Thanks sister!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I'm back in Calgary, Canada for a while but anxious to get started on another adventure. I still don't have a definite plan but its in the works. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I am appreciating the great things about being in Canada (like public washrooms and clean sidewalks). Although I only lived in Calgary 10 years, it has been good to me and, like many formerly native Saskatchewanites, I now consider it home. I have great friends and family here who have been putting me up, moving furniture, lending me little things like a car and a cell phone. I forget why I want to leave - oh yeah, adventure.

But there is lots to see and do here also, like spending the day at Spruce Meadows which hosts show jumping events, along with art exhibitions, ethnic food kiosks, and entertainment representing cultures around the world. All of this in a beautiful green setting with a rocky mountain backdrop - a great place to spend the day.

This is Danielle. I stayed with her and her big brother, Max, last week. She's lots of fun and just started to walk. Thank goodness she takes naps as I find it hard to keep up with her.

I miss my old place a little. I sold it last spring when the market was hot. I can't bring myself to drive past it yet but I believe that home is really where you hang your hat (or rest your head since I don't wear hats much). I'm free to go anytime but its comforting to know I can always come back to a city with friends, good food, and all the amenities anyone would ever need.

If you want to know more about this area where Dinosaurs once roamed, check out

I love the skyline in Calgary. Ilsa recommends!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labour Day Weekend in Canada

Certain circumstances required my presence in Canada for a short time so I'm back. After many, many hours - too many hours - of flying and airports, being stranded in Vancouver, and getting ripped off in London by my taxi driver (anyone need Cambodian coins?) I was happy to step foot on familiar soil. I arrived just in time for the long weekend.

Weather was fantastic and everything and everyone looked just great to me. I see the beauty in everything right now (still in tourist mode) but I'm sure that will pass the longer I stay... in fact the Calgary traffic almost made me swear today.

The Stamps won the Labour Day Classic against the hated Edmonton Eskimos. 35,000 fans filled the seats to capacity but one guy got loose and stripped running across the field in the 1st quarter (I guess he didn't know there is a $5000 fine for that now).

Mom and Dad came up from Lethbridge for the day and we all hung out in my brother's neighborhood of Inglewood. Inglewood is Calgary's oldest community and has many charming 20th Century homes, like the one my brother and his wife live in near the Bow River (80 yrs is 'old' in Canada). This community is vibrant with many decorator's boutiques and antique stores.

Dad and his son (okay, he's my brother) at Olivier's Candy store.

Inglewood has the largest used book store in Calgary. There's something for everyone where you can find something for everyone. I got a free book because I'm petty.

Diana and I at the most expensive martini bar ever. I'm not sure what happened while I was away but the prices here are worse than Europe.

Mom and I strolled along the Bow with Misha. My mom is great with animals.

The Glenmore Reservoir (I pretend its the pacific ocean) is great for hiking, biking, canoing, and picnics. I used to walk there a lot before I was homeless. Although the sun is shining, the smoke from the BC fires is keeping things hazy.

My friend, Pam, and I went for a walk near my old stomping grounds - Confederation Park. Its good to be home (for now).

Sunday, September 03, 2006


For a youthful perspective of everyday life in Canada... well, Saskatchewan... uh ok a farm outside of Kerrobert... and with much content likely to focus on the Calgary Flame's hockey team... check out my nephew's blog