Friday, March 23, 2007

An Irish Wedding

I went back to Canada to see my brother, Robbie, marry his sweetheart. Amber has some Irish blood in her and they both loooove drinking beer, so they decided to have a Saint Paddy's Day theme.

Great food, music, family and friends made the day very special. It was also held in my home town(s) of Luseland/Kerrobert Saskatchewan.

Limericks made the couple kiss and and this little 'shoe' game indicated Rob is ready for kids!

Some tears fell during the service, before the service, and after the service. I guess the 'baby' of the family getting married made us all a little emotional.

Of course, my parents might have been crying because I'm 'not' married... yet.

My cousins wanted a 'Sex in the City' type photo but I think we're closer to 'Sexless in the Small Town' girls.

My goofy brothers... one's still available!
'You're my Kiprusof glove save' moment

Don't cha just wanna kiss this wee Irish lad? I did.

Mom and her baby

Cousins taking a break from decorating the hall - they're pretty good workers most of the time.

Kids love theme weddings, too.