Monday, October 02, 2006

Fall Foliage

How's that for an exciting title? Aren't you glad I'm back?
Yep, my life slowed down a little when I came back to Canada. But hanging out with Ma & Pa in Lethbridge was actually pretty fun. Mom and I went for morning walks and Dad and I went grocery shopping for dinner - then we watched tv. The downside was I picked up a few too many extra pounds.

The weather is usually quite warm here - good thing because I had to walk in that lake to get mom's expensive sunglasses.

I liked walking through the hoodoos, watching out for rattlers.. pretty barren. Lethbridge boasts this bridge as the largest railway bridge in the world.

I made sure to follow the instructions on the sign.

Back in Cow Town, I stayed with my brother and his wife for a few weeks. I even worked a few days downtown - a great half hour walk along the river. Love those changing colours.

Before I turn into petrified wood I had better get going. Actually, I'm flying out tonight... guess where. Stay tuned!